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Super Enzymes

Super Enzymes

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Our Super Enzymes tablets the ultimate solution that targets problems of the body’s crucial organ which is the stomach and intestine that supply the whole body with energy. If there is any fault in the digestive system it leads to mal-nutrients and many hazardous diseases. Make your tummy absorb all food nutrients by being healthy to digest all kinds of edibles. The daily dosage of our tablets will make your stomach robust and deprived of any digestion related problems.

Take 1 tablet and split it into 3 pieces for taking each part after your meal. Well-known and certified ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this dietary supplement.

Directions For Use:

  • 1 Tablet 3 times per day after a meal


Betaine. Fenugreek, Pancreatin, Pancrellpase, Ox Bile Extract, Pepsin, Amylase, Papain, Calcium sulfate, Vanilla Cream Flavor, Croscarmellose Sodium, Flood Glaze, and Zein Coatings.


A doctor’s prescription is not needed to buy dietary supplements.

There are no side effects of supplementary tablets.

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Our products are according to the USA’s strict standards for supplements.

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